Health Awareness Seminar

RJ International organized a session on “Diet for Kids” recently its parents. Understanding today’s need of providing a really complete nutritious diet for children, RJIS invited Ms.Sneha Ved, a renowned nutritionist from city to guide the parents. Mr.Rasdeep Singh Chawla, Director, Mr.P.V.Solunke, and Mrs.Shilpa Pathak, Principal were present for the session.  Ms.Ved was felicitated by Pathak and the session started.

Our lives have become very hectic and we are working day and night like machines. We are juggling hard to strike a balance between work and home. In this rising pace, where we have very limited time, we often ignore our health. We eat spicy street food quite frequently and dine in a restuarant once or twice a month. Apart from this, we fulfill the demands of our loved ones, mainly kids, with the food they crave for, which are mostly junk foods like Pizza, Burgers, Chinese, Wada pav. Though we are aware of the harm they do to our body and mind, we just ignore it. Just because the kids did not eat adequate food at home, we pamper them with junk food to satisfy their hunger and taste buds.

Ms.Ved highlighted on some crucial points like when a child is not having the required intake of food, he / she should not be forced to eat, as eating with dislike is of no use. It will not get absorbed as required, like she gave example of Pani Puri, in spite of knowing the quality of the ‘pani’ kids keep on gulping it happily and they don’t fall ill.

She also talked about making the daily home-made food more exciting for kids by taking very little effort with ingredients easily available at home. Kids hating milk i.e. lactose intolerant child can be given raw tomato juice combined with a small piece of beet root with required sugar and salt. Tomato is one of the most nutritious foods that come handy when mothers are worried. This yummy juice can be topped with chat masala or cumin-black pepper powder to add flavor. Ms.Sneha advised to ignore foods having transfat / saturated fat / hydrogenated fat as it increases bad cholesterol level which starts building from the age of 10 years. She also advised to have foods having anti-oxidants like regular intake of 4-5 basil (tulsi) leaves or few black sesame seeds will fight against free radicals that penetrate the cancer cells present in our body.

Ms.Sneha Ved is M.Sc.Nutrition & Food Processing (SNDT, Pune), Master Trainer of Sneha World, Ahmedabad & Yoga Master.  She is a Professional Tarot Card Reader & Trainer & Handwriting Expert. She is the owner of Ved Creations, which arranges Health Awareness Seminars across the country. She also conducts various workshops Diet Cooking, Stress Management etc.



Ms. Sneha Ved addressing parents during Health Awareness Seminar


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