RJ International School


RJ International School


  1. Politeness, obedience, good manners, truthfulness and respect towards each other and all staff members is expected from every child.


  1. Any form of misuse of school property will be considered as misbehavior. A student will be charged appropriate fine for the damage caused.


  1. Lying, deceitful behavior and cheating of any kind will be considered a major offence in the school and can lead to suspension of the child from school.


  1. To inculcate the importance of discipline in the child, it is necessary to take corrective measures through regular counseling sessions. However, the child may be detained or suspended from the school due to repeated misbehavior.


  1. Cleanliness/ hygiene must be maintained. It is important that the child is safe from possible illnesses and diseases.


  1. Use of nail polish, perfumes, mehendi, fancy articles, jewellery and other age- inappropriate things are not allowed in the school premises.


  1. To safeguard the interest of all students of the school, disciplinary action even to the extent of dismissal may be considered in the event of misconduct causing injury to others or damage to the physical or moral tone of the school.


  1. To inculcate responsibility and respect, children are expected to take care of school property, help keep the premises clean and preserve all material and books carefully.


     9. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.


  1. Students will not participate in any commercial activity (collection boxes, gifts) with any school staff for any reason, without permission of the Principal.


  1. Birthdays can be celebrated only by distributing sweets of minimum cost.


  1. Electronic gadgets, toys, mobile phones and gold jewelry are strictly disallowed in school.