RJ International School

Examination Rules

RJ International School


  1. Surprise tests will be conducted during the academic year.


  1. All the students must be present for all the term exams. No Re-test or no Re-exam will be allowed if a student is absent on the scheduled day of exam.


  1. Time-table and syllabus is given in advance from the school. Students and parents may to go through the same.


  1. Children are guided not to use any unfair means during tests and exams. If a student is found using unfair means/cheating or copying, suitable action will be taken against him/ her. This may even lead to his / her rustication.


  1. Students are not allowed to move outside the class till the test / exam is over.


  1. Students are advised to maintain proper conduct during the test/examination.


  1. The schedule of tests/examination will be communicated through diary notes and circulars.