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Principal’s Message

Welcome to the website of RJ International School (RJIS).

Education is no more only about academics and bookish knowledge. It has evolved over times and has been getting broader day-by-day. Education is a package with all essential ingredients that help to transform young minds into disciplined and responsible citizens to face the world around.

It is very challenging, yet very exciting, to be the Principal of RJ International School. At RJIS, it’s only about the students. With child-centric approach, our team imparts quality education to the students with the latest teaching aids which are upgraded as per the changing trend. This encourages the students to ‘think’ and ‘reflect’. Our team of expert teachers ensures that equal attention is given to all students and that each and every student gives his / her best. By adoption of Chrysalis Think Room concept at RJIS, a learning environment is created which helps in delivering quality holistic education to the students. It not only promotes meta-thinking in students but also ensures teacher empowerment. The concept comes with its own App which makes the learning more enjoyable for the students. The varied co-curricular and extra-curricular activities taken in the campus and involvement of the students in not only participating in the activities but also in helping the teachers to arrange them, make the students more confident. The hobby periods like dance, music / instrumental etc, help students keep their mind and body healthy. Healthy meals in our utmost clean canteen is liked and appreciated much by our students. A day at RJIS is not a boring or tedious journey, but it is a wonderful and pleasant experience, which students don’t like to miss.

I believe the role of parents is as important as of the institution during their growing period. Students need equal support from both of them.  With mutual support, we can help our students build a strong foundation for their bright and successful future.

I welcome you to visit RJIS, to have a look at what we have to offer for the students..!


Mrs. Shilpa Pathak,

RJ International School

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