RJ International School


RJ International School


  1. The bus service is provided by the school from most areas of the city. The parents should mention complete address in the admission form so that we can allot the bus number as soon as the ward is admitted in the school.


  1. The bus will halt only at the stops, allotted to a particular bus route by the authorities and no changes in the stops will be considered once fixed by the school.


  1. Pupils availing the bus facility will be provided with bus no, pickup and alighting stop no. of the particular pupil. Generally the bus timings will operate within 10 to 15 minutes of the pickup and alighting time. Parents are requested to accommodate the same.


  1. Any change in the bus timings will be notified through circular to parents.


  1. Students should reach at least 10 minutes early on their stops. Bus will not wait for any student who will be late on the stop. Parents will have to make their own arrangements, to come to school if your ward misses the bus. The same holds good in case a breakdown.


  1. In case, students from Std. I to Std. VII do not report themselves at home in time, school or bus authorities will not be responsible for the same, we will be responsible only for the students during their journey in the bus.


  1. Students should take care of their belongings, such as school bag, water bottle, rain coats, umbrella and sweater, as the bus authorities will not be responsible for the loss or damage.


  1. Bus services facility is primarily for the students and teaching community and not for parents or outsiders.


  1. Discipline will be maintained by pupils while travelling in the school bus. Any pupil found guilty of misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility. The school reserves the right to forfeit the bus facility if a pupil is involved in damage to the bus property. Besides, the damage done will have to be compensated by the pupil.


  1. Bus services are not mandatory. You may send the children by your own transport.


  1. The bus fee is directly related to fuel prices and hence is subject to increase correspondingly.


  1. Pupils/ Parents will not have any transaction/altercation/physical fight/contact with the bus staff.


  1. Parents should not make a direct request to the driver/conductor for change in bus route; they should give a written application to the school authorities if they want to change the stop or the bus route.


  1. If you change your residence in the mid term or a particular academic year, you should inform to the school authorities by giving an application so that new bus route will be allotted to the ward.


  1. Daily attendance is taken in the bus while coming and going. If you are taking your ward with you before the school timings, you have to fill the gate pass and inform the transport in charge in school so that the drivers get the information that the ward is not present in the bus on return.


  1. Parents should come to pickup their wards on the stops, if they are not present on the stop the conductors will drop the ward on the particular stop, the school will not be responsible for any consequences after dropping the ward on his particular stop.


  1. Although window bars and mesh have been provided in all buses, students are advised to take care and not to lean out.